To facilitate the conduct of relevant research for health and training that address the priority health and development needs of the majority of Kenyans.


The Consortium for National Health Research (CNHR) is an income tax-exempted  Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Kenya since 27th September 2007 as an international multi-stakeholder, not-for profit, non-political, non-sectarian and non-partisan private/public partnership whose mission is to contribute to the realization of better health for Kenyans through strengthening of research-for-health capacity in Kenya.

CNHR’s mission is achieved through a strategy that aims at building a critical mass of researchers working in Kenya through:-

a) Raising the profile of science among young Kenyans;
b) Providing research training opportunities to young and mid-career Kenyans;
c) Supporting established researchers to undertake quality research and provide mentorship; and
d) Providing targeted support to institutions working in multidisciplinary teams on priority research-for-health projects, as well as to policy makers charged with regulating and coordinating health research activities.

CNHR also contributes to the building of vibrant networks and supporting Communities or Centres of Research Excellence (CoReS) that are able to offer an environment for sharing of resources (such as expensive pieces of equipment), as well as provide research-rich career paths to young scientists, thus retaining and enabling them to become internationally competitive in the generation and use of research evidence.


As a partnership, the Consortium is composed of Kenyan Universities (both public and private), research institutes as well as health service providing institutions, government agencies, non-governmental organizations and other research groups concerned with provision of quality health care in Kenya.

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